Tarbiya (Personal Development)

Tarbiya (Personal Development)

Conventionally, Tarbiya means the development and the training of people in various aspects. The word is commonly used to describe children upbringing as the parents provide them with physical, educational, moral and spiritual needs to help them grow up and become useful parties in the society.

The word “Tarbiya” is an

Arabic word that linguistically means the increase, growth, and loftiness.

In MAS terminology, the word means the systematic development and training of human resources. In MAS, all members are subject to this comprehensive way of development and training in all aspects such as physical, educational, moral, and spiritual aspects. The word Islamic Tarbiya implies that the development process conforms to Islamic guidelines and standards. This means that the goals that the process is supposed to achieve in individuals conform to Islamic teachings and the means used to establish such goals are Islamic or Islamic compliant means. The Tarbiya process exceeds the level of individuals to the level of the group trying to establish team sprit that Islam teaches such as love, brotherhood, and mutual trust.

At MAS, the Tarbiya process is considered the most important process and the Tarbiya department is one of the permanent departments in the organization. This belief traces its origin to the teachings of Prophet Mohamed as he -peace be upon him- invested a lot of effort in leading his companions through the tarbiya process. As a result of his effort, he not only left a great message, but also left a great generation that carried the message and conveyed it to most of the known world, bringing the light from Islamic teachings to much of humanity. MAS delivers a rigorous educational curriculum to its current and potential members that focuses on the systematic development of the Muslim individual, the Muslim family and the Muslim community.

“Whenever you find a good Muslim you find with him all means for great success.”

Hassan Al-Banna

Tarbiyah Objectives

MAS Tarbeya department has its own Tarbeya objectives and means which traces its origin to the teachings of Prophet Mohammed -peace be upon him- and which proved and continue to prove their effectiveness and success. Among those objectives are:

Tarbiyah Means & Methods

MAS Tarbeya department develops a set of means and methods in order to achieve such goals and objectives. It is mandatory that all MAS members participate in the Tarbeya activities. Again, all these means has an origin in the teachings of prophet Mohamed -peace be upon him. MAS Tarbeya means are:

The Usrah, represents the critical basis of the internal structure of the Society.

It consists of a weekly meeting of three to six members who are close in their level of understanding and seniority in joining the Society. The Usrah serves as one of the most important and unique methods of the Society in developing all aspects of the Muslim character and preparing the Muslim individual for the various Dawah responsibilities. It follows a strict and thoroughly reviewed educational program and timetable, and serves as nurturing ground for educational, spiritual and intellectual development. The Usrah mechanism helps joining the hearts of its members by developing true brotherhood and sisterhood, trust and mutual understanding, loyalty and a sense of belonging, and commitment to the service of Islam and Muslims.

Qiyam Program

This program occurs at least once a month, where all the Usrahs of one chapter spend the entire night or part of it in prayers, recitation of the Qura’an, and remembrance of Allah, the Hereafter, accountability, and death, thus recharging the members spirituality. The Qiyam aims at softening the hearts, purifying and nourishing the soul, and preparing individual to shoulder the burdens of the Islamic Call under all circumstances. The Qiyam also helps in strengthening the ties among the Muslim brothers and sisters and rekindling and reinforcing the spirit of sacrifice.

Scouting trips and camps

Trips and camps serve as complementary means of Tarbeya. While Usrah and Qiyam pay attention to enriching the social, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of the character, scouting trips and camps pay more attention to the physical aspect and are geared mainly towards families. These activities allow the members and their families to get to know each other through interaction in an open and free atmosphere, thus strengthening the ties of relationship and love for the sake of Allah. Scouting trips and camps also have educational purposes: they train participants on patience, courage, tolerance, endurance, discipline, and forbearance over a long period of time, thus rejuvenating the spirit, renewing the commitment, and revitalizing the body.


These are extensive studies on a given topic to make it possible for the attendants to fully understand certain matters at the hands of experts and specialist scholars.


A meeting of a number of experts who contribute in discussing a certain topic (religious, social, political, economic, intellectual) or a problem, as each one presents his/her viewpoint supported with all relevant evidences and proofs. The essential and fundamental objective behind conferences is cultural and intellectual.


A large gathering of specialists who usually carry out thorough research and careful study, of selected topics, and present their conclusions to the convention. The conclusions of these diligent researches and studies are translated into practical solutions and guidelines for action plans. The convention renews and strengthens the bonds of brotherhood among the participants and provides a unique opportunity for the development and acquirement of new ideas.
In order for the Tarbeya program to be comprehensive and balanced, different tools and means must be employed. Each mean has its specific objectives, disciplines and condition.