MAS Youth

Youth (MY)

is the department of the Muslim American Society (MAS) which serves young people throughout the United States. We believe that young Americans, with the right tools, skills, and knowledge, have the potential to bring about positive change in their communities.

We identify ourselves as a movement

of American youths and young adults who aspire to answer the call of our Creator as put forward in the Divine Scriptures:

We work with young people to inspire them to understand, apply, and advocate divinely ordained values in the service of the common good. Our core values are service, equality, and justice.

Our programs engage young people, ages 6 to 30, through educational, spiritual, recreational, and social activities. These programs are designed and run by the youth, with the guidance of mentors who share their experiences and provide valuable feedback.

"And from among you there must be a party who invite people to all that is good and enjoin the doing of all that is right and forbid the doing of all that is wrong. It is they who will attain true success."

(Al-Quran 3:104)

Signature Programs

MAS Blaine Youth

seeks to build a positive connection to the MAS Blaine Masjid and other Muslims for youth ages 16 to 25 through interactive spiritual events.

South Metro Islamic Center Youth

aims to create an environment within the masjid that allows the youth of various ages to get closer to Allah (SWT) and create a positive Muslim identity through events and programs.

Maple Grove Youth

is dedicated to creating a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood among youth by organizing monthly engaging spiritual activities for youth ages 14 and up. We aim to harbor a spiritual connection and deep love for the masjid among Muslim youth.

Craft Outside the Box

seeks to build a connection between the masjid and children ages 6 to 11 by allowing them to express their more creative and artistic side.

Sisters In Sunnah

aims to foster sisterhood across diverse communities while providing a safe and inclusive space. This program seeks to connect sisters of all ages to the masjid while allowing them to forge meaningful bonds through various events. With the remembrance of Allah and His Prophet (pbuh), we aim to balance out loving and implementing Islam and having a shared, sacred space.

Don’t Be Chai

aims to foster brotherhood across diverse communities while providing a safe and inclusive space at the masjid. This program seeks to connect brothers of all ages to the masjid while allowing them to forge meaningful bonds through various events and a nice cup of chai.

Noor Explorers

strives to empower the next generation of Muslim women by dedicating ourselves to the service of Allah. We are committed to nurturing leaders deeply connected to the deen of Islam, embodying purpose and virtue. Focused on girls aged 10-12, we aim to instill courage, confidence, and character, drawing inspiration from the life of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the values upheld by his Madinan community. InshaAllah, our program seeks to cultivate lifelong friendships and connections forged by a shared love of Allah and a collective commitment to serving Him.

Tarbiya and Ilm Camp

is a weeklong camp for those 18 and older focused on tazkiya experiences and reflections. Through interactive workshops designed to define personal strengths/skills, activism/volunteering opportunities, and post-attendance plans. We seek to build and strengthen companionship and networking.