MAS Youth

MAS Youth

MAS Youth (MY) is the department of the Muslim American Society (MAS) which serves young people throughout the United States. We believe that young Americans, with the right tools, skills, and knowledge, have the potential to bring about positive change in their communities.

We identify ourselves as a movement of American youth and young adults who aspire to answer the call of our Creator as put forward in the Divine Scriptures:

And from among you there must be a party who invite people to all that is good and enjoin the doing of all that is right and forbid the doing of all that is wrong. It is they who will attain true success.? (Al-Quran 3:104)

We work with young people to inspire them to understand, apply, and advocate divinely ordained values in the service of the common good. Our core values are service, equality, and justice.

Our programs engage young people, ages 15 to 30, through educational, spiritual, recreational, and social activities. These programs are designed and run by the youth, with the guidance of mentors who share their experiences and provide valuable feedback.

Signature Programs

1) MY Connect: Groups of 5-8 members, usually with a mentor, form intimate study circles to develop their Islamic knowledge, strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, and give back to their communities through a variety of activities.

2) MY Give (MYG): MYG?s motto is ?Serve the Creator by serving His creation.? To demonstrate the relationship between faith and activism, MYG mobilizes young people and instills the Islamic spirit of social responsibility. The MYG project organizes regular community service activities for volunteers, from helping to build low-income housing to planting trees and cleaning up local parks.

3) MY Revive: Spiritual retreats that provide youth an opportunity to become closer to God through prayer, inspirational lectures, and bonding activities. Many who attend such events describe it as a life altering experience where they emerge from it feeling much closer to their Creator and feeling the need to be mindful and thoughtful of others.

4) MYathalon: An annual sporting event where young athletes from around the country demonstrate their athletic skills and compete in a nurturing Islamic environment. The activities promote respect for one another, personal discipline, humbleness in winning, and grace in losing.

5) Central Annual Meeting (CAM): An annual gathering for MY workers which provides opportunities for structured discussions, socialization, networking, team building and the development of shared narratives.