Public Affairs & Civic Engagement

MAS MN conducts public relations, educates, and mobilizes the American Muslim community to participate in public affairs and civic activities on a non-partisan basis, and to energize a new generation of community activists. MAS MN maintains strong ties with other faith communities, and regularly hosts dialogues with Jewish, Christian, and other faith traditions.

Muslim Day at the Capitol

The Muslim Day at the Capitol (MDAC) seeks to provide the Muslim community a viable path to ownership in American society by means of civic engagement and connecting the Muslim community to their legislators in order to share their views on how to improve Minnesota. MDAC educates the Muslim community about the system of government and encourages them to step up for public service and leadership in Minnesota. By teaching participants how to advocate and lobby for their community, MDAC seeks to authentically integrate the Muslim community into the fabric of American society. The MDAC program has been in existence since 2005 for 15 consecutive years.

Taking Heart Ramadan Iftar Open House

MAS MN & Minnesota Council of Churches co-founded the “Taking Heart” project in 2005 which organizes Iftar Open Houses in various local masjids across Minnesota. In 2019 the Taking Heart program consisted of 26 Open Houses throughout Minnesota that welcomed non-Muslim visitors for a traditional Ramadan Iftar, or fast-breaking meal, and served over 1,500 people.

Rabbi Imam Round Table

Since 2011, MAS MN has co-hosted this important forum. A dozen Imams & Rabbis meet every other month to study religious texts of both faiths and to network.