MAS Mission

To Move People to Strive for God-Consciousness, Liberty and Justice, and to Convey Islam with Utmost Clarity

MAS Vision

A Virtuous and Just American Society

What is MASMN?

MAS MN is an Islamic revival and reform movement that uplifts the individual, the family, and the society. MAS MN operates three Masjids (Islamic Centers) in Minnesota. MAS MN provides religious programming and youth programs and organizes the annual MAS Minnesota Convention.

MAS MN is also much more than a religious organization; it is a community organization committed to making Minnesota a better place for all Minnesotans. MAS MN provides social services such as clinic and food shelves. It is a leader in interfaith dialogue, as co-organizer the Taking Heart Ramadan Iftar Open House program and the Rabbi Imam Round Table.

MAS MN engages the Muslim community in public policy and government affairs. It organizes the annual Muslim Day at the Capitol.

When and where it all started?

Muslim American Society of Minnesota (MAS-MN) traces its historical roots back to the call of the Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him). Its more recent roots, however, could be traced to the Islamic revival movement that started evolving at the turn of the twentieth century. This movement brought the call of Islam to Muslim masses all over the world to reestablish Islam as a total way of life.

The call and the spirit of the movement reached the shores of North America with arrival of the Muslim student and immigrants in the late 50?s and early 60?s. These early pioneers and Islamic Movement followers established organizations at the national and local levels. Mindful of the dynamic changes that are taking place within the Muslim community and its surroundings and keeping an eye on the future, a number of activists of the Islamic movement launched the Muslim American Society (MAS) in 1992 to complement the work that has been accomplished in the last four decades and to lay the ground for the Islamic work needed to face the challenges of the next century.

In Minnesota, Islamic activists began gathering in 2001 to lay the ground for the Islamic work needed to face the challenges of the next century. In 2003 the Muslim American Society of Minnesota (MAS-MN) was incorporated as an affiliate of Muslim American Society (MAS).


The objectives of Muslim American Society of Minnesota (MAS-MN) are:

To present the message of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims and promote understanding between them.
To encourage the participation of Muslims in building a virtuous and moral society.
To offer a viable Islamic alternative to many of our society’s prevailing problems.
To promote family values in accordance with Islamic teachings.
To promote the human values that Islam come to emphasize: brotherhood, equality, justice, mercy, compassion, and peace.
To foster unity among Muslims and Muslim organizations and encourage cooperation and coordination.