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Elevate Our Youth with MAS MN Programming

By offering diverse programs such as educational, spiritual, recreational, and social activities, MAS MN creates a welcoming space where young individuals can feel a sense of belonging and spiritual growth.

Our Youth, Our Future

The future of our community lies with our youth. This younger generation faces a barrage of propaganda, immoral ideas, and negative influences that threaten our community at large.

MAS MN’s mission is to create a loving, safe space to welcome our youth, their unique and innovative ideas, and their individuality. This space, under the guidance of our Sunnah, aims to protect our children and harness a greater sense of deen in their hearts.

To this end, our main projects are specifically designed to cater to our youth.

Craft Outside the Box

Seeks to build a connection between the masjid and children ages 6 to 11 by allowing them to express their more creative and artistic side. 

Sisters In Sunnah

Aims to foster sisterhood across diverse communities while providing a safe and inclusive space.

Don’t Be Chai

Aims to foster brotherhood across diverse communities while providing a safe and inclusive space at the masjid with a cup of chai in hand.

Noor Exp icon-svg

Noor Explorers

Focused on girls aged 10-12, we are committed to nurturing leaders deeply connected to the deen of Islam, embodying purpose and virtue.

Tarbiya and Ilm Camp

A weeklong camp for those 18 and older focused on tazkiya experiences and reflections.

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Create a Generational Opportunity

Empower and elevate the next generation. Your generosity will continue to open doors of opportunity, faith, and guidance by attaching their hearts to the masjid. The future of our ummah lies in the hands of the youth today. Their guidance and love of the deen cultivates a sense of identity, belonging, and spiritual growth. Lay the foundation for nurturing future leaders who foster a deep sense of Islamic values. Create a sadaqa jariya and let our youth be our continuous charity for generations to come.

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