Sunday School – Blaine Community Center

Subjects Taught

The subjects we teach include:

Sunday School Calendar

The Sunday School meets every Sunday from the first Sunday of September to the second Sunday of June.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Amount

Tuition is $50 per student per month for the first two children in the family.
Reduced tuition is available for families enrolling three or more children.
The discounted rate is $50 for the first child, $40 for the second, $30 for the fourth, $20 for the fifth & the sixth child is free.
Tuition should be paid at the first day of the month.

What Tuition Includes

What Tuition Does Not Include

Student Policies


It is the intention of the administration and the faculty of the school to make this year the most successful year to date, Insha’Allah.? In this regard, we seek Allah’s help and guidance regarding Islamic education of our children.? Such education is a project where the effort of the teachers must be supported by similar efforts at home.

Class Times

Cell Phones

All cell phones must be turned OFF before class. Any cell phones used or visible in class are subject to confiscation.

Dress Code

All student attire should reflect the Islamic dress code.

Discipline Policy

All students are expected to maintain proper discipline in the school and the center.
This includes proper Islamic dress, avoiding loud or indecent language and aggressive behavior, and adhering to policies described above.
Violation of the above discipline policy will result in the following disciplinary action:

Harming of school property or equipment will result in strict disciplinary action and payment of damages