Muslim Day at the Capitol (MDAC) 2021


Muslim Day At The Capitol (MDAC) 2021

(Virtual Day At The Capitol)



Join hundreds of Minnesotans at the upcoming Muslim Day At The Capitol 2021 as we come together to discuss challenges facing our communities and steps we can take with our legislature.

This past year has been a trying one for the Muslim community. With the blessings of Allah, the Muslim community has grown in many ways. But perhaps the most foundational blessing of 2020 is to show us just how powerful we are when we come together. Yet, there is still so much to do. Racism & Islamophobia are alive and well in the very political fabric of our nation. We need to protect the rights of immigrants. We need to protect renters from eviction. We need to strengthen voting access. We need to tackle rising Islamophobia and white nationalism.

This year, 2021, comes with both political responsibilities and opportunities in Minnesota. The redistricting of the entire MN electoral districts is taking place this year. As well, our duty as Muslim is to represent and give our message of Islam to the rest of the world.

The 17th Muslim Day at the Capitol (MDAC) is on Tuesday, February 16th , 2021.

Event Outline:

  1. All attendees are invited to the virtual rally at 6:00 Pm.
  2. Faith agenda grounding is held at 7:00 Pm.
  3. Attendees are placed into small groups to meet with their legislators about our faith agenda. We are making appointments on behalf of attendees as of now. Appointments start at 7:30 PM


Muslim Day at the Capitol Schedule:

Group Rally 6:00 PM
Agenda Review 7:00 PM
Group Appointments 7:30 PM


MDAC Legislative Agenda 2021

(Click here To download a copy of our legislative agenda)

Support the Religious Holiday Recognition Bill

Rental assistance and culturally appropriate and affordable housing

Opioid crisis in minorities and communities of color

Police brutality in Minnesota


Muslim Day in the Capitol is proudly sponsored by


Muslim American Society of Minnesota


Islamic Association of North America


Muslim Coalition of ISAIAH


  1. Abubakar As- Sadique Islamic Center (Minneapolis)
  2. Abubakar As- Sadique Islamic Center (Faribault)
  3. Abu Huraira Islamic Center (Rochester)
  4. Al Amal School
  5. Al Aqsa Institute
  6. Al-Huda Islamic Center of East Grand Forks
  7. Atawasul Center
  8. American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)
  9. Brooklyn Park Islamic Center (BPIC)
  10. Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)
  11. Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center
  12. Daru Salaam Islamic Center
  13. Eastern Twin Cities Islamic Center (ETCIC)
  14. Gems of Light Academy
  15. Hikma Academy
  16. Imam Hussein Islamic Center
  17. Indian American Muslim Council
  18. Irshaad Islamic Center Eden Prairie
  19. Islamic Association of Mankato
  20. Islamic Association of North America (IANA)
  21. Islamic Center of Minnesota (ICM)
  22. Islamic Center of Winona
  23. Islamic Civic Society of America / Darul Hijrah
  24. Islamic Resource Group
  25. Jaafari Islamic Center
  26. Mankato Islamic Center
  27. Masjed Abubakr Al Siddiq (Rochester)
  28. Masjid Abu Khadra
  29. Masjid Al Ansar Islamic Center
  30. Masjid Al Huda (ICCC)
  31. Masjid Al Ihsan Islamic Center
  32. Masjid An Nur
  33. Masjid Ar Rahman (MCC)
  34. Masjid At Taqwa
  35. Masjid At Tawba (ICCC)
  36. Masjid Bilal Oromo Dawah Center
  37. Minnesota Deaf Muslim Community
  38. MAS Blaine Community Center (BCC)
  39. Muslim Coalition of ISAIAH
  40. Muslim Society of Owatonna
  41. Muslim Youth Leadership Awards
  42. North West Islamic Community Center (Masjid Al Kareem)
  43. Pearls of Hope
  44. Rabata (Daybreak Press)
  45. Rawda Community Center
  46. Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood of Empowerment
  47. Sisters Need a Place
  48. South Metro Islamic Center (SMIC) – Rosemount
  49. Tawfiq Islamic Center
  50. Zakat, Aid and Charity Assisting Humanity (ZACAH)