Convention Schedule Announced

Muslim Americans: Inspiring, Overcoming, Serving
11th MAS Minnesota Convention
October 8, 2016 – Muharram 7, 1438

SESSION # One: 10:00 AM ? 10:45 AM

Topic: ??????????? Inspiring, Overcoming & Serving
Speaker(s):???? Sheikh Kamal El Mekki, Sheikh Waleed Shadi
Description:???? Muslim Americans have a vital role to play here at home. How can we, as a Muslim community, inspire others, overcome our fears and challenges and serve others?

SESSION # Two: 10:55 AM ? 11:45 AM

Topic: ??????????? The Reality of The Ummah & Need for Solidarity
Speaker(s):???? Ustadha Lobna Mulla, Sheikh Yasir Birjas
Description:? ?? Our Muslim Ummah is troubled by many difficulties.? Indivisibility and solidarity become necessary in order to alleviate the suffering of our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world. How do we come together and unite as one community?

SESSION # Three: 11:50 AM ? 12:45 PM

Topic:???????????? Comprehensive and Personal Balance
Speaker(s):???? Sheikh Imad Bayoun, Ustadha Eman Haymour
Description:? ?? We can understand Islam by looking at it as a complete and comprehensive way of life, guiding how we function in society, the economy and the political realm. Through this understanding, Islam, the last divine message from God, is relevant to all human beings and in all times. How do we take the message of Islam and apply it to solve our problems in the 21st century?

Dhuhr & Lunch Break.

SESSION # Four: 2:00 PM ? 3:30 PM

Topic:???????????? Changing The Present, Dreaming The Future
Speaker(s):???? Congresswoman Betty McCollum, Congressman Tom Emmer, Mayor Betsy Hodges, Imam Asad Zaman
Description:? ?? Muslims are a vital part of the American community. How can Muslims get engaged? How can Muslims and the broader community partner to establish a platform to advocate for social justice and the common good?

SESSION # Five: 4:30 PM ? 5:20 PM

Topic:???????????? He Was A ? Walking Quran?- Combating Islamophobia Through Our Character
Speaker(s):???? Sheikh Kamal El Mekki, Sheikh Imad Bayoun
Description:? ?? Islamophobia is not a myth. It exists! How do we, as a Muslim community, counter Islamophobia and transform it to a dawah opportunity?

SESSION # Six: 5:30 PM ? 6:30 PM

Topic:???????????? Proud To Be A Muslim
Speaker(s):???? Sheikh Yusuf Estes, Sheikh Asad Zaman
Description:? ? ? Many of us make the conscious decision to make Islam a way of life. How can we identify with Islam and take pride in our religion while living a healthy American life?

SESSION # Seven: 8:15 PM ? 8:45 PM

Topic:???????????? Inspired By The Quran
Speaker(s):???? Sheikh Yasir Birjas, Sheikh Walid Shadi
Description:???? Allah says in the Quran ?Indeed, there has come to you from Allah a light and a clear Book, by which Allah guides those who pursue His pleasure to the ways of peace and brings them out of darkness into light, by His permission, and guides them to a straight path? (V: 15-16).? Islam, as a religion, brings immense changes to the way of life and the customs and beliefs of its followers. By this standard, Islam, along with the code of life the Qur’an provides is second to none. How can we, as Muslims follow the Quran as a complete code of life?

SESSION # Eight: 9:00 PM ? 10:00 PM

Topic:???????????? Entertainment Session: #1Ummah
Speaker(s):???? Preacher Moss, ?Allah Made Me Funny? & Friday Night Live (FNL Team)
Description:???? This entertaining session will feature Preacher Moss, ?Allah Made Me Funny? and will feature live performances by the critically acclaimed Friday Night Live team. Fun. Entertaining. Halal. Edgy. Classy. Relevant.