Claiming Our Voices 2019

The Muslim American society of MN and the Islamic Coalition of Isaiah are proud sponsors of: Claiming Our Voices 2019 convention.

Through our collective work, we have developed our vision for what is possible for Minnesota through our Faith Agenda and created a mandate for bold leadership toward creating a caring economy and a democracy that honors every person’s dignity.

We will reflect on and celebrate our leadership through 2018, prepare ourselves to lead on our Faith Agenda through 2019, and engage our legislative officials on leading together to make our agenda a reality ? Including:
? Radical civic inclusion by getting driver?s licenses for all and restoring the vote to our disenfranchised residents;
? Creating a caring economy with quality and affordable childcare and eldercare, and paid family leave and sick time;
? Climate justice and right stewardship of the planet we?ve been entrusted with; and
? Quality, affordable and accessible Healthcare for all.

This will be the first gathering of all of the constituencies of our organization: the Muslim Coalition of ISAIAH, Barbershops Creating Change in the Community and the Black Church Collective; The Latinx Coalition; our Sanctuary Network; Kids Count on Us Childcare centers and parents; our Greater Minnesota places of worship in Willmar, St. Cloud, and Southern Minnesota as well as our metro churches and mosques.