Welcome to the 2018 MAS MN Convention!

Welcome to The 13th Annual MAS MN Convention

Assalamu Alaikom and welcome to the MAS MN Convention!

The MAS MN convention is an effort oriented in love of Allah (SW), love of his deen, and a deep care for the Muslim community. We adopt an open and moderate understanding of Islam as the way forward. This convention aims to help Muslims in America overcome the challenges our society now faces while simultaneously building and bettering our society collectively. The convention is also focused on revitalizing the Islamic spirit in each of us. We aim to do this by catering to the Muslim individual, the Muslim family, the Muslim community, and the American society at large.

We have an amazing lineup of nationally renowned speakers, engaging programs, Quran Competition, Islamic Knowledge Competition, vibrant and diverse bazaar, unique family-friendly entertainment and more! As always, our goal is to ensure that the convention is both memorable and beneficial for you and your loved ones.

Our theme this year ?Islam: The Guiding Light? is an important topic worthy of discussion in this day and time. How can we practice Islam in a relevant and successful way in this day and age. How can our youth identify with Islam without conflict? How can we build for our future as a community and how can we do so TOGETHER? Our speakers will dissect this topic from their area of expertise and give us a

unique perspective on how to do just that, insha?Allah.

MAS MN Quran Competition

Last year the MAS MN Quran Competition has become an instant classic. This year the buzz is even bigger! Drawing in families and competitors alike; the Competition is praised for its rigor and ease of access. With thousands of dollars in awards and a prestigious following; Dugsis and Quran schools are vying to score our highest ranks. Click here to register. (Registration only guarantees entree for Competitors. Their families and all others have to purchase their own tickets for convention).

Click Below to Register

MAS MN Knowledge Competition

MAS MN is excited to announce our second annual Islamic Knowledge Competition to take place during the Convention. 3 Competitions will be be held throughout the program and 15 prizes will be awarded! Awards include an iPhone 8, an iPad Mini, $50, $30 and $20 and awarded to the 5 highest scores during each session. You can compete for any session and the questions are designed to be easy and in every one?s pool of general Islamic knowledge. Think you got the what it takes for it? Download the flyer below to see all the details and purchase your tickets today!